A Grab Bag of Leader Resources

Photo by  Ethan Sykes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

New Leader Training

You’ve volunteered to lead your small group and now you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. Am I right? Hang on . . . we’ve got you covered.

Community Group Leadership Orientation, or CGLO (see-glow) if you’re on the inside, will expertly prepare you to lead a group well. While it’s not exhaustive, you’ll have all the knowledge and instruction you need to not only begin building community in your group but to also to move forward in your own faith journey.

CGLO is an onsite training session that covers leader expectations and what a “win” looks like for a Community Group. You’ll learn how to steer your group in the beginning, middle, and end of your time together and dive into the topic of spiritual growth. You’ll talk about leader posture and the value of asking good questions. Don’t worry, though. We don’t expect you to leave with all the answers—and your group won’t expect you to have them either.

Leader training is a continuous process, and we accomplish that in a number of ways:

Videos, classes, gatherings and one-one meetings.

Groupleaders.org is your go-to for tons of information specifically tailored to first-time leaders. In fact, we have a video that explains exactly what’s available to you and where you can find it. Hosting your first meeting? We’ve got one for that, too! Having difficulty with participation in your group? Check this out. Want to know how to ask good questions? You’re just one click away.

We’ve also designed an annual leader development program that includes multi-leader gatherings and training events that develop your leadership skills. And, at least twice a year, you’ll have a scheduled private meeting with your Groups Director to address specific group issues and help you develop personally. After all, this is your journey, too.

Because we’d love for you to have a conversational understanding of the Bible, Theopraxis is another component of your development program. Each session includes teaching and discussion time, equipping you with the biblical knowledge you need for both life and leadership.

We’ve got your back.

Through it all, we’ll be there to support you so don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your Groups Director. Our goal is to not only set you up for success and give you the resources you need to lead well, but for you to grow both personally and spiritually from this experience, too.