Well Known

If you've been visiting groupleaders.org for any amount of time, you've probably heard about Story Cards. We talk about them a lot. They're a great, visual way to encourage your group members to open up to one another at a deeper level.

We want to make you aware of another resource called Well Known. It's a non-visual way of doing the same thing Story Cards do:

Well Known is a book of questions divided up into 5 levels of knowing someone. Many people struggle to know how to deepen conversation and could benefit from a guide to help in that process. Each level contains 20 questions, ranging from general information to inner core knowledge of another person. Perfect for friends who are just getting to know each other or who have known one another forever. Also great for couples getting to know each other or married a long time but looking for ways to re-connect. Road trips, date nights, dinner table questions ... connecting the good ol' fashion way through real conversations!

If you're looking for a fresh way to help your group members connect, consider checking out Well Known.