Looking for a Good Bible Study?

If you're like many group leaders, you'd love to do more studies on different books of the Bible. But you're not quite sure where to start. You may even feel some guilt for not doing more Bible studies in your group. But leading a group through a book of the Bible study can present unique challenges:

  • You can't seem to find a Bible study curriculum that your group would find engaging.
  • Most Bible studies take so many weeks that the interest level and energy tapers off by the end.
  • You don't feel equipped to lead a Bible discussion.

We want to introduce you to something new. We're in the process of creating a series of one or two-week studies to help get your group into the Bible. Your individual Bible reading is supplemented by videos from The Bible Project, that you can watch during with your group to get a better understanding of the text, along with a PDF to help you facilitate a conversation that points toward practical application.

Each study encourages you and your group members to make a habit of reading the Bible by asking you to read a little bit each day so you're prepared to talk about multiple chapters of Scripture during your group meeting. The videos are beautifully produced. They'll make light bulbs go off in many of your group members' heads: Oh, I get it now!

So don't fear jumping into the Bible with your group. So far, we've launched four book of the Bible studies, along with a one-week Overview that provides a great starting point. More are in the pipeline, but check these out now: