"I Don't Feel Theologically Equipped"

I enjoy leading my group. I just hope nobody asks me anything about the Bible.

Do you ever think something like this? Or maybe the thought of someone asking a theological question that seems impossible to answer gives you a cold sweat. After all, why does a good God seem absent in the midst of so many things that are evil and unfair in the world?

We want you to feel equipped when it comes to navigating theological discussions. So, here are a few resources to help you along the way. None of them will give you all the answers, but they can give you enough insight to be able to engage in conversations—minus the cold sweat.


Theopraxis is great environment in our Atlanta-area churches for engaging in theological conversations with other leaders. Topics range from understanding the Bible, to engaging culture, to being able to discuss difficult theological questions. A few times a year, be on the lookout for a personal invitation from your local church to a Theopraxis module.

Seminary Classes

Did you know you could take seminary classes at North Point Community Church? Through a partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary, instructors from DTS fly to Atlanta and teach classes that take place on the weekends.

Taking a seminary class doesn't necessarily mean you're planning to go into full-time ministry. It's simply a great way to be in community with others and learn from a seasoned professor.

Online Resources

If you'd like to brush up on some Bible Basics, there are some terrific resources online. Here are a few we recommend:

• The Bible Project: See well-made video summaries of every book of the Bible. There are also videos summarizing Biblical themes such as Heaven & Earth, Holiness, and The Holy Spirit.

• Biblegateway.comBible.com, or the YouVersion App: Read the Bible online in virtually any translation.

• Biblestudytools.com: Get outlines, backgrounds, and summaries of every Bible book.