From the Editor

If you're new to, welcome.

If you've been around for a while, you've surely noticed things have changed. We hope they've changed for the better.

When we launched the site about five years ago, it was mostly a blog intended to invite group leaders into the kinds of rich conversations about leadership and theology we were having internally as a church staff. But times change. Blogs are passé in 2017, which is fine by us because we wanted to make a more robust development ecosystem of leaders.

We hope that's what we've achieved with this overhaul.

The new is a leader training and development platform that includes recommended studies and resources to use in group meetings, and, yes, a collection of articles that address the how-to's of group leadership as well as offering you some theology to chew on.

So, from an article perspective, here are how things will work on the new site. Gone are the days of weekly blog posts. Instead, we'll publish a handful of practical, helpful articles each month.

Why the monthly format? you may be asking.

First, it gives us the time and predictable structure to craft higher quality content. Specifically, it gives me time to find the best person to write a particular piece, beg and bribe that person into taking time away from their normal duties to write that piece, and then help edit that piece into the best, most helpful article it can be.

Second, (and more important), the monthly format means we can be more intentional and proactive about writing posts that are timely and relevant. We know, for instance that if you're a leader at one of our Atlanta-area churches, you're most likely going to form a new group in either January or August. That means we can start giving you practical advice about ending well and multiplying your group in October and June. And we can focus on giving you helpful information about starting a new group off on the right foot beginning in February and September.

That sounds obvious, but it takes planning. And it's easier to plan ahead when you're working on a monthly schedule.

So, I hope you enjoy the brand new We had a lot of fun building it.

This month's collection of articles include helpful information about navigating messy groups, caring for group members who need it, study options for when you're done with the starter period of a new group, how to make the most of Lent in group, and a little theology.



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