An Easy Way to Learn More About the Bible

Sometimes a resource pops on your radar and you think, Now THIS checks a lot of the boxes I'm looking for—not just for me, but for my group!

Helpful? Yes.

Easy? No doubt.

Engaging? Boom!

I'd like to point you to a resource that will not only benefit you personally, but could prove to be an extremely helpful go-to if you're looking to study a book of the Bible in your group.

The Bible Project is a series of 5- to 6-minute videos for every book of the Bible. The videos done are high quality, and they're free to view or download. In addition, The Bible Project includes other videos centered around biblical themes like holiness, the Law, heaven, and more.

I came across The Bible Project while developing the Theopraxis module Context: The Story of the Bible. The Bible Project videos are very much aligned with what we're hoping to accomplish in Context, which is to give group leaders more, well, context for reading and understanding the Bible. We'll even be showing a number of The Bible Project's videos when we run the module at our Atlanta area churches.

On a more personal note, I've felt the need to challenge myself to read through the Bible in 12 months. The Bible Project has a downloadable PDF that not only outlines a 12-month reading plan, but recommends which videos will complement your reading. The videos give great overviews of each book, and they make diving into the Bible a little less intimidating.

I'm a fan!