3 Tips for Picking Great Studies

The number one question group leaders ask is, "What should my group study next?" One of the primary reasons we created groupleaders.org was to help answer that question. But we don't want to just throw study recommendations your way. We want to give you a framework for figuring out what studies will work best for your group.

That's why we created the video above. It's not an exhaustive deep dive into the in's and out's of picking studies. But it provides you with three helpful things to consider in order to narrow your choices:

1. Evaluate stage of life and spiritual maturity.
What constitutes a great study is a moving target. It depends a lot on where you group is, both in terms of stage of life and spiritual maturity. That's because your group members' best next steps are defined, in part, by where they're currently standing.

2. Keep in mind the Three Vital Relationships.
Spiritual growth is fundamentally relational. People who are growing spiritually are growing in Intimacy with God, Community with Insiders, and Influence with Outsiders. Any study that encourages steps forward in any or all of those relationships is likely to be a winner.

3. Keep it varied.
A study may be great, but it won't be helpful if your group members are too worn out to absorb what it has to offer. That's why it's important to vary the length and intensity of the studies you choose. Did you just finish a 6-week study? Try a shorter option for your next curriculum. Are you currently wrapping up a deep dive into a book of the Bible? It might be a good idea to emphasize fun and relational connection for the next couple of weeks.

Picking your next study can be a little daunting because of all of the options out there. But we want to challenge you to be proactive. Don't just think in terms of topic or format. Think in terms of what your group members might need to take a next step in their relationship with Jesus.