Holy Week Devotional

Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to connect more deeply with your heavenly Father during this time of year when his grace and faithfulness is so near to mind. Paying attention to your own relationship with God benefits you, and it benefits those you lead.

We've created a simple way for you to reflect on Scripture during Holy Week. Just use the sign-up at the bottom of this article to subscribe to one week of emails containing daily devotions that will lead you from Monday of Holy Week all the way until Easter Sunday.

Each day's devotion focuses on Jesus' journey from Palm Sunday to the open tomb, prompts you to reflect on one of the Songs of Ascent (a group of Psalms that offer encouragement to those seeking God), and provides you with a short structured prayer to kick off a time of personal prayer.

We hope you enjoy it. You can encourage your group members to sign up too.


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