Three Post-Starter Study Options

As you wrap up the Starter Study with your new group, you may wonder, What in the world are we going to study next? Well, we're here to help you answer that very question! Here are a few categories you may want to explore. Each category has a couple different options to help your group get off to a great start.

Spiritual Growth

Who doesn’t want to grow spiritually?

In 5 Things that Grow Your Faith, your group will explore five ways God takes people’s trust and confidence in him to new levels. You’ll learn to look for the different ways God is moving in your lives and the lives of others to see more clearly how faith grows.

In Growth: Training vs Trying, John Ortberg and friends lead your group on a journey to freedom and transformation through cultivating spiritual disciplines. This is a great “how to” book to help you understand your part in spiritual growth.

The Bible

Sometimes the group simply wants to dig into the Word of God. The great thing about Source studies is that you get to do just that. You’ll get an overview of each of the books or people highlighted, and there's commentary to go along with the verses so that you can get background and context. Also,  questions for each section allow your group to explore meaning and application. I’d recommend James as a place to start. 

Relationship with God/Jesus

Prodigal God by Tim Keller will help you to see yourself clearly in relationship to your God, who longs to lavish his love upon you. Whether your story is marked by running from God or running to God, you’ll see God’s transforming grace in some new ways.

If your group is wondering if there is more to the Christian life than rules and “don’ts,” then Follow is a great place to start. In it, Andy reveals that Jesus’ invitation to follow was not to a list, but a relationship with him.

As the leader, bring a few options to the group and see where there is energy and excitement. Your group members' buy-in is key to your overall group experience. 

For more tips on how to pick studies and make a plan for your group, check out the videos below.