Leading Yourself Through the Holidays

Photo by  Llum Isart  on  Unsplash

Photo by Llum Isart on Unsplash

The holidays can be high-stress months. Schedules are full, and we feel the weight of our responsibilities to family and friends. You may even have group members that need extra care as they grieve tough circumstances.

In the midst of holiday craziness, it's important to lead yourself well. That just means begin intentional about staying connected to your heavenly Father.

Christmastime, in particular, offers a great opportunity each year to make time to reflect on God's faithfulness in your life. I know. Time is at a premium during the month of the December. But prioritizing your own spiritual health is worth the effort. It'll set you up to lead others well, and handle the stress of the holidays better.

Besides, God's faithfulness is the reason for the season, right?

Consider observing Advent, the period including the four Sundays leading up to Christmas in which we're encouraged to focus and reflect on the expectation and anticipation of Christ's birth. Some people observe Advent by fasting. Others do so by lighting Advent candles and reading Scripture with their families.

You could also use an Advent devotional that provides daily Bible readings appropriate to the season. The YouVersion Bible App has a number of great Advent reading plans that range from 5 to 29 days in length.

Do something that fits your personality, style, and schedule. What you do is less important than that you do something.