A New Kind of Bible Study

Photo by  Cassidy Kelley  on  Unsplash

We know groups are alway looking for good Bible studies, and a lot of what's out there is run-of-the-mill. Well, we just added a new resource to the site called Immerse: The Bible Reading Experiencecreated by the Institute for Bible Reading.

Immerse is a six-volume version of the Bible created to help you experience Scripture in a new way, and talk about it with your group. The text is single-column with chapters, verses, section headings, and footnotes removed because all of those things are later additions to the original texts.

The Institute for Bible Reading has also created discussion materials, so it's a great resource for groups. You'll read a little bit every day, which means at each week's group meeting you'll be able to have a conversation about a larger portion of Scripture than most Bible studies offer. And that means you'll get a better sense of the context of the passages you're reading.

The materials also encourage "book club" style conversations that lead to richer exploration. It's a more dynamic way of asking tough questions and applying what you learn.

Each of the six volumes of Immerse is divided into 8 parts for group study.

Volume 1: Messiah (The New Testament) and Volume 2: Beginnings (Genesis — Deuteronomy) are currently available in softcover and e-book formats. We'll add the others to the Studies & Resources section of this site as they become available at the end of this year and into 2018.

If you and your group have been looking for a Bible study that's a little different, check out Immerse.