Be Rich 2017


It's nearly Be Rich time once again! Our annual giving and serving campaign, launches November 5. As part of the campaign, we want to help you prepare to Serve Together with your small group.

Follow these steps to select your small group’s time to Serve Together this season:

  1. Determine the Type of Opportunity.
    At your next group meeting talk about if your group wants to volunteer at a nonprofit organization or sponsor an organization’s need by purchasing, assembling, or creating something.
  2. Pick a Date.
    Decide when your group can Serve Together between November 17 and December 30.
  3. Learn About an Organization.
    Visit and read through the information about the organizations we serve. This will help figure out which organization your group would like to volunteer with.
  4. Register.
    Designate a group member to reserve your group’s spot on at (it's a good idea to register as soon as spots go live on November 12). Look for the new “Group-Friendly” filter to easily find service opportunities for small groups.
  5. Have fun!
    One of the best ways to connect as a group is to Serve Together.
  6. Log Your Hours.
    When you're done serving, visit to log your service hours. It helps us to know how our communities were served during the campaign.