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The book of Ruth is a masterful short story, complete with an unfolding plot, character development, extensive dialogue and a gratifying resolution to the conflict. The story provides an essential connection between two time periods in the life of the nation of Israel: a very difficult and unstable time when the land was sporadically governed by a series of judges, and an era where kings (with an emphasis on King David) were the rulers of God’s people. The story of Ruth helps make the transition between these two eras.

NOTE: While is is a one-week study, it requires the group to read the book of Ruth the week prior. This is not intended to be used as a one-off study without the week of prior reading.


AN INTRODUCTION TO The period of the judges

Watch this short video on your own. It will give you a little context about the state of ancient Israel during the period that the story of Ruth takes place.

THIS DISCUSSION is a ONE-Week Curriculum for Groups.

These video-based Bible studies are designed to get groups discussing the Bible. These discussions should lead to better understanding of who God is, inspire us to dig into the Bible for ourselves, and help us to make applications in our everyday lives.

Provide every group member with a link to this page at least a week before beginning the study. Everyone will need to read the book of Ruth before the session.

Step 1:

Walk through the Icebreakers in the Discussion Guide.

Step 2:

Watch the session video together.

Step 3:

Discuss the video as a group using the Discussion Guide.

Step 4:

Encourage your group members to take action by following through on the suggestions in the "Applying What You've Learned" section of the Discussion Guide.

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