Faith is so much more than what we know or even believe—how we live our lives is central to who God has called us to be. And creating a rhythm of spiritual practices in our lives draws us closer to God. They remind us of who God is—his values, character, and personality.

Spiritual Practices are an aspect of the five things God uses to grow our faith—private disciplines. Each practice is helpful, and everyone should engage with all of them at some point—some should be done regularly, while others are more seasonal. Some practices are about starting new activities (practices of engagement) while others are about purposely refraining from some activities (practices of restraint). Both grow your faith by strengthening your connection to God.



  1. Lean into some of the disciplines you’re good at.
    Play to your strengths, but also try new approaches to practices your familiar with. For example, if prayer comes naturally. play to that strength. But take this opportunity to try a new approach.

  2. Try some of the disciplines you find challenging.
    Discomfort is essential to growth. You know this. Don’t give up. Some practices may never come naturally for you. That’s okay. They’re still worth a try. They’ll teach you things about you and God.

  3. Consider the disciplines through the filters of your own struggles.
    The Spiritual Practices List connects specific disciplines with areas in which you may struggle. Pick a practice that corresponds with a personal struggle. It will help you to find freedom in that area of your life.


Bored or Unfulfilled?

If you already have a spiritual practice in your life but feel bored or unfulfilled by it, look for a fresh approach in the resources on the page for that practice.