Thank you for leading a Buckhead Church Women's Community Group. This page contains resources to help you lead well.

All About Leading

Group Leader Position Description What does a group leader do? This document breaks it down.

Healthy Leadership Your health—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—will affect the health of the group you lead. What does it look like to be a healthy leader? This document breaks it down.

Leader Development Options The Buckhead Church Women's Group team offers a variety of opportunities for you to grow in leadership. Check out this document for more information.

All About Groups

Vision for Community Groups Do you want to know more about what a Community Group is and why it's important to you, your group members, and Buckhead Church? Check out this vision document.

GroupLife What kinds of groups do we offer at Buckhead Church? This document breaks it down for you.

Care Network Sometimes a group member needs more assistance than a group is capable of offering. The Care Network offers a variety of ministry environments for people in crisis.

Group Resource Options

Here are some group resources recommendations, no matter what kind of Buckhead Church Women's Group you're leading:

Essential Leader Tools

Group Agreement The Group Agreement is an essential tool for setting and aligning expectations from the outset of your group. You can use it at the end of the starter period when group members have agreed to continue together for the full life cycle of the group.

How to Select Curriculum What should you study next? It can be one of the toughest questions for a leader to answer. This document provides guidance for selecting resources that will help your group members take next steps in their spiritual journey.

Leader Tools offers a variety of tools to help you lead well—everything from icebreaker questions to assessments that help your group members assess their spiritual growth. Check it out.