Buckhead Church

9-Month Mom's Groups

Curriculum Guide

The following studies (displayed by topic) are suggested for a 9-month Mom's Community Groups. You'll find tips and suggestions for leading your 9-12 month group following the curriculum suggestions.

Recommended Resources By Category


October & November: Parenting

*See other great parenting resources below


  • Serve on a Be Rich project with your group.

January & February: Spiritual Growth

March & April: Personal Growth / Felt Needs

Other Parenting Resources

One-Session Resources

In between studies? Select one of our one-week studies as a way to engage with your group on important topics like giving, serving, and investing in those who don’t know Christ as well as to understand each other’s personalities, spiritual gifts, or spiritual pathways.

Leader Tips

The following leadership suggestions will help you in leading your 9-12 month group.

Start well

  • Start your time together with Community: Starting Well in Your Small Group.
  • Use the Leader Guide to help facilitate great meetings.
  • Using the Sharing Stories Resource will help you get to know one another.

Begin with the end in mind.

  • As a group you’ll only get about 26 weeks together (13 if you meet every other week)
  • This will allow you to do 3-4 studies per year.
  • Be thinking early about who you can invite into leadership. You might invite them to lead a discussion or series, plan a social or an ice breaker.

Choosing studies

  • Shorter studies are better (6 weeks or less).
  • Do a “felt need” early on (related to how to be/have a better ______), and then spiritual/boundaries/growth.
  • Try a book or study of the Bible (at least) once during the year together
  • Pick two studies back-to-back, to flow right from one to the other
  • Consider:   “Now that I’ve heard their stories, what do I want them to know?”

Budget your group’s time

  • Take the last week of the month off
  • Encourage people to connect outside of group during that week
  • Try to serve once a semester together
  • Plan on meeting about 12 weeks per semester together