Buckhead Church

9 to 12 Month Married Groups

Curriculum Guide

The following studies (displayed by topic) are suggested for a 9-12 month Married Community Groups. You'll find tips and suggestions for leading your 9-12 month group following the curriculum suggestions.

Recommended Resources by Category


Bible (Overview)

Books of the Bible

These free PDF resources developed by North Point Ministries will help you facilitate practical, topic-based discussions about the Bible in your group.



God the Father


  • Follow by Andy Stanley (8 Sessions)

The Holy Spirit


Resources for Men

Married Community Groups can benefit from husbands and wives meeting separate for a season to study gender-specific resources. Here are some options:

ResourceS for Women

Married Community Groups can benefit from husbands and wives meeting separate for a season to study gender-specific resources. Here are some options:

  • For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn Resource: Book and Study Guide Duration: 9 Sessions
  • Comparison Trap by Andy & Sandra Stanley Resource: Video and Study Guide Duration: 4 Sessions

One-Session Resources

In between studies? Select one of our one-week studies as a way to engage with your group on important topics like giving, serving, and investing in those who don’t know Christ as well as to understand each other’s personalities, spiritual gifts, or spiritual pathways.



  • Prayer by Philip Yancey (6 Sessions)

Sharing Your Faith

Leader Tips

The following leadership suggestions will help you in leading your 9-12 month group.

Start Well

  • Start your time together with Community: Starting Well in Your Small Group.
  • Use the Leader Guide to help facilitate great meetings.
  • Using the Sharing Stories Resource will help you get to know one another.

Begin with the end in mind

  • Expect to meet about 25-30 times
  • You’ll probably do 4-5 studies together
  • Identify an apprentice in your first four to six months

General study tips

  • Pick a study that can be completed in six weeks or less.
  • Talk with your group about their preference for reading, homework, videos, or other group formats.
  • Try a study of the Bible at least once during the life of your group.
  • If a study is dragging on, not connecting, or the homework is too much - consider quitting early and starting something else.

Budget your group’s time

  • Take the last week of the month off to maintain momentum in your group.
  • Encourage people to connect outside of group during that week
  • Serve together at least every six months.

The one-year group track curriculum considerations

  • Ask yourself: “Considering what I know about my group members’ stories, what will help them grow spiritually?”
  • Invite your group to vote on what topic they’d like to study. If there is a clear first and second place, do those studies back-to-back to maximize time.
  • Do a “felt need” topic early on (based on feedback from your group), and then move into other topics group members may not perceive to be felt needs.

End Well

  • Your group may decide to continue on for another 6-12 month period.
  • Identifying an apprentice helps ensure community continues and leadership is multiplied when your group ends.
  • Before your group ends, take a night to reflect on how you have seen God grow in the lives of your group members. Have group members share their personal highlights from the group.