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Accountability accelerates Growth

Community with other believers is absolutely essential to your spiritual growth. That’s because our relationships with others are where our faith meets the real world. But within authentic community, we need a subset of core relationships that go even deeper. These are the people who know things about us that no one else knows. These relationships offer us the kind of accountability that frees us from the burden of secret sin, allowing us to be fully known and fully accepted.

These key people also have permission to point out our shortcomings, celebrate gifts we didn’t even know we had, and support and encourage us when our spiritual growth gets difficult . . . and it always gets difficult at some point. And we do the same for them because these are our closest companions on this journey toward a deeper relationship with God.

Ready to seek accountability?

If you think you’re ready to seek out and build accountability relationships, download this guide. It will give you a little more background on the practice, as well as some questions you can discuss in a group or reflect on by yourself, and some tips for building relationships that will help you reach your potential even as you help others reach theirs.

Accountability and Group

It’s important to understand that when we talk about accountability relationships, we’re not necessarily talking about small group.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

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  • Ideally, you’ll experience accountability with a person or two in your group. But be aware that you probably won’t have that kind of trusting relationship with everyone in the group, and in some groups you may not have that kind of connection with anyone.

  • Accountability relationships usually extend beyond the life cycle of a group. That’s because they’re special and hard to replace. Even when you join a new group, it’s a good idea to keep meeting regularly with the people you can tell anything to.

  • It’s fine to form an accountability relationship outside of group as long as the other person is also committed to growing in their personal relationship with God. These have to be two-way relationships.

  • Relational chemistry alone isn’t enough. You need to get along well with the other person, but it’s also vital that they are willing and able to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. It’s also important that they’re willing to give you permission to do the same.

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