Friday Top 5: Around the Blogosphere


Today, we’re kicking off a new feature called the Friday Top 5. Each Friday we’ll feature a list of five things—books, podcasts, iPhone apps, anything—that we think are interesting and helpful to you both personally and as a leader.

To launch the Friday Top 5, we’ve scoured the blogosphere and gathered the week’s top five blog posts about leading well. Enjoy.

  1. It’s Not About Making a Point—Joseph Lalonde explores an idea that Andy Stanley has emphasized as a cornerstone of healthy relationships and great leadership: make a difference, not a point. When we focus on being right, on winning arguments, we give up our influence.
  2. Think Better, Live Better—Carey Nieuwhof writes about how important it is for leaders to make time to think, be creative, and dream. It’s easy to let busyness crowd out the time you need to let your brain do its thing. Don’t. Creating margin to think is part of leading yourself well, which is vital if you want to lead others well.
  3. Doing a Spiritual Audit—on his Leadership from the Heart blog, Dave Kraft offers six questions you can ask yourself to gauge your current spiritual health. You can’t lead your group well if your spiritual tank is empty.
  4. The 7 Benefits of Keeping a Journal—leadership guru Michael Hyatt delivers an excellent podcast about how journaling can fuel growth, personally and in your leadership. The podcast and blog post also cover some practical approaches for those who’ve had trouble in the past getting started or following through on journaling.
  5. Character Counts—Linda Sasser’s Leadership with Sass blog includes this piece that explores the roles that competency and character play in leadership. It’s pitched at business leaders, but the content is definitely applicable to group leadership, where character does count.

Have a great weekend. We’ll see you on Monday with more fresh content.

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